Music Komite

« music that is seen as you see a poem, almost a mood or state of being »

Music Komite is a multidisciplinary platform created in 2005 by Calde Ramirez.

They've worked in a wide range of projects, including: multimedia installations, experimental AV compositions and a big numer of soundtracks for documentaries, spots y TV, working with: Filler magazine (Canadá), Jordan Caylor (USA), Robert Miles (UK),Pedro Perles , Raúl Gomez estudio, Difusión grafica, All boards family (Francia), Octopus collective (Francia), Bloc sonic (USA), Peter Stebbings(Canadá), Le film video magazine, Emotive Project , TVE 2, Canal 2 Andalucía.

Their main project is a live band named homonymously.

The band signed to Spanish label Discontinu records and their last album "Congo Square" was considered by a lot of music media as one of the best albums in 2015.

Music Komite:
+34 677 710 238

Calde Ramírez
+34 677 710 238

Discontinu Records (Record Label):
Enric Masgrau

Francisco Calderón "Calde" - producer, visual artist, DJ and of course musician and founder of Music Komite- ended up becoming one of the most interesting figures of the restless Andalucian music scene. Everything happened quietly and calmly, far from the noise , knowing the true value of independance and it´s margins of freedom.

After "Sweet Bombs" (Discontinu 2013) Music Komite brings us "Congo Square" (Discontinu 2015) with which they pay particular tribute to a square in New Orleans where during times of slavery, the african community would often come together to dance and make music. With time, these gatherings played a fundamental role in the origines and evolution of Jazz.

After winning the latest edition of the prestigious competition, "Villa de Bilbao 26 (new tendencies)," Calderón and his Komite of musicians Jaime Fernandez (guitars), Esteban Perles (percussion), and Alex Ahumada (stand up bass), accompanied by a tight and eloquent visual set solidifies them as one of the most interesting live acts in the national panorama. Welcome to Congo Square.

As it was in the square, the album "Congo Square" is an open space, a collage of suggestions based on minimalist nods, elements of hip hop, post rock reminiscents, cut'n'paste, electronica, folk, dub and the light of the sea. It´s an album that moves through these parallel worlds that inhabit everyday life, music that is seen as you see a poem, almost a mood or state of being. An album that portrays a Francisco Calderon, impossible to label, an opener of doors, an ally of intuition and beauty, humility and coherence.

Congo Square will be released on May, 2015 via Discontinu Records

Music Komite is:

Calde Ramírez: electronics, guitar, keyboards, xylophone & visuals
Jaime Fernández: guitar & xylophone
Alex Ahumada: bass & visuals
Esteban Perles: drums
Rafa Esquivel: trumpet


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